Ever go on a Long Drive?

Do you go on a long drive so you can go into sub-concious meditation? People have been admitting that they enjoy the long drive in order to help detoxify the mind and reflect on their accomplishments. Regardless of what they are going through, the long drive allows them to think without distraction, and therefore, resulting in a more optimized way of making corrections by reflecting and going back to correct some of the overseen actions that need more attention. When are you going to take your next Long Drive?

What does it mean when someone says that they will drive to your house or office?

It means that they are going to usually get behind the wheel, in a car, and direct/drive towards your home of work place. People drive everyday, and also go to work. Some drive to work, some drive their bike, or ride their bike. It all depends on the type of transportation the person will pursue in order to drive themselves to the specific location.

What does it mean when someone say’s they are going to store their data on a drive?

It means that they are going to take software or data and copy or save a copy on a storage device, hard-drive, internal or external drive. Usually, any reference to a “drive” usually refers top an internal or external hard-disk-drive.

What does it mean when someone has a strong drive?

It means that the person has a particular interest, passion for a specific subject or focus, regardless of any other force that may try to stop that person from pursuing. Usually, when someone has a drive, it’s that they are passionate and have a strong interest for something.

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